Often, the style / linguistic reasons for rejecting a research article are not its scientific quality, which is a little unjust because the student has put a lot of time and effort into his research.          

However, publishing and sharing a study effort and its conclusions are just as essential as carrying out the research itself in the scientific world. Adept research and a good-written paper will increase the odds that a respected publisher will accept your submission.

Being aware of these possible traps before beginning your work might help you avoid them effectively. Now let us discuss the ways you should avoid while you are writing your paper.

Lack of research while choosing the topic – 

The most common mistake for students is not to put up enough effort to perform a proper literature review while choosing the topic. If the process is adequately planned, this can yield benefits. How! Let us discuss. Start by choosing an area of interest from the subject. 

      Problem’s students mostly face identifying an area of interest that they have limited understanding. You cannot just take up an area of interest that your friend has taken up, instead gather understanding before choosing the same. Use every possible resource, ask for help from professors or seniors, use YouTube and the Internet or the library if you have access. 

      Only then can you start reading through related literature by scholars to find the most overlooked topic in terms of research made. You can also look for a new topic that is still under development, or you found a mistake in a hypothesis and are confident about resolving the same. Choosing a contradictory topic is a good start.

Not having proper planning – 

Planning your research in the early stages is the best way for anyone to utilize every resource at their disposal. Planning helps to break the process into actions, and following the same ensures you reach your goal of having a final draft with small steps of action. 

      Before even writing a single word, plan your research paper. Avoid distractions by switching off your social media accounts and chose a workstation with adequate illuminations. Start taking notes of the ‘title,’ ‘author,’ ‘publication year,’ ‘publication,’ ‘research questions you found exciting and planning on using them in your research. 

Poor abstract and formatting with passive voice – 

Even experienced researchers make this mistake: never write your thesis in a passive voice unless you are using someone else’s idea or findings. This increases the readability and your chances of getting your paper published by respected publications. 

      You need to follow the proper structures of a thesis but make sure you take extra care while writing your abstract. Do not extend your abstract over the word limit. It should emphasize just the most critical aspects of your work, presenting the core of each part clearly and succinctly.

Lack of data for supporting statements – 

This is something you cannot have in your research paper. Use proper methodology for addressing the research and find relevant data from authentic sources. Make visual data representation in the results sections of your research. This makes your paper more engaging and readable.

Failure to cite properly – 

You cannot overlook the necessity of citations. Even if you just have taken a single line from someone, be cautious about citing them correctly. Without proper citation, you can be penalized with plagiarism, which is equal to theft and may lead to defamation suits or, worse, getting banned from publishing as well as forced removal from the course. 

Errors are deadly in writing, as a single defect may destroy the whole effort. Try to prevent errors while writing your future research paper, concentrating on the issues mentioned above. 

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